October 31st, 2012 by Jan

Every year at Halloween we are asked the same thing. So, here are my answers again.

Yes, we bought candy – no we will not turn the porch light on!

PS. Happy Birthday to Allyson today! My world is better because you are in it!

3 thoughts on “questions&answers&asidenote

  1. Jenny

    And I’ll add a new question. “Are you donning costumes to accompany the candy fest?”

    Birthday joy to Allyson from all of us here, especially Maudie, who is a spry 12 today! Woof!

  2. Jim

    I think you should answer the door dressed as the Emperor.*

    *Hans Christian Andersen variety, not George Lucas. Although that would be good, too.

  3. Jan Post author

    It must suck to be a kid in our neighbourhood, there is only one porch light on as far as I can see. But at least we have good chocolate!


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