September 25th, 2013 by Jan

I am sitting poolside in Albuquerque and wondering why I packed wool.
I guess living in the “frozen north” as Sandie says I do, I get brainwashed into thinking that towards the end of September it should be cooler.

Travel yesterday was as easy as any travel day can be. Hurry up and wait and then arrive safe and happy. Lorin and Kim picked me up at the airport last night and we talked into the night. This morning is free as I wait by the pool in Kim’s beautiful backyard for her to finish up a little work and then we can putz the day away.

On the agenda is nothing, except we know for sure that at some point I will get a green chile fix and sometime tomorrow I’ll fly up to Dodge and go on dad duty.

In the mean time, I’m staying in the moment enjoying the morning sun on my face and watching as my hair gets straighter and straighter in the dry climate.

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