November 30th, 2015 by Jan

A couple of years ago my brother Art gave me a camera.

I had been taking pictures with an Itouch. It worked okay. Well, no it was crap, but I wasn’t too interested in taking photos at the time, so it was fine.

I always admired the photos Art had taken, so I was quite happy and surprised when he sent me a cool little Cannon for my birthday.

This camera has a quite a few features.

I keep it on Auto, and I like the zoom feature.

The best feature is that this camera is digital. I love that I can take a lot of pictures and then delete all but a few.

I’ve enjoyed this camera. I like taking pictures and I have no plans or ambition to take it seriously.

This morning, when I started my walk it was super frosty cold. Half way through the walk, I was in the fog, and before I got home, the sun was out. It was when I was in the fog I tried an experiment. (I blame Jim for this.)

In the fog, I couldn’t see much, but I pulled the camera out and snapped away. I pointed in the direction of what I thought might be pretty. No composition or plan. Just aim and shoot, I didn’t even look at the view finder. Snap. Snap. Snap.

This is what I got. I’m surprised. I blame, uhm credit, the cool camera.

fog1cowfog fog3

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