January 2nd, 2015 by Jan

You are invited to help us cool down the house! It’s the opposite of a house warming. We’re almost packed, but snacks and laughter can still be had. We’ve had 18 wonderful years here and now we are on to the next adventure. We hope you can stop by for hugs and kisses, and to say Hi, and Good Bye.   1572 Tunstall Blvd. 3 – 7p.m. on Saturday, January 10th.

If you can’t make this party – please plan to come visit us in Sechelt and help us warm up the new place!

1 thought on “pleasecome

  1. Laura B

    Hi Jan, I have been reading about your adventures and your process with great interest over the past few weeks, but have been in a place without fast enough internet to do much commenting. Thanks for sharing all of this. I find the process of disengaging from one place, with all its feelings and history, to let go so another connection can occur, really interesting and I like your approach very much.

    I will not be able to be there for the decommissioning of the BITCH but will happily show up at the (yet to be christened) new place when possible.

    All the best to you and Ken as you make the transition to a new home, a new community, new friends, and new grounding.



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