April 26th, 2017 by Jan

Today is the “big cook.”

Cooking for the shelter has been such a good experience for me. I’’m practiced enough now, to know, I will deliver a fine meal tonight.

I’m making, chicken with rice and veg, green salad, and chocolate cake for 20.

Also, I’m told by the folks in charge,  this will be my last cook “for the season.”

Apparently, the people who need shelter and an evening meal, do not have the same needs during the summer months.

The shelter will close it’s doors at the end of April, and if needed, will re-open next winter.

I’m sure those with more knowledge of the situation than I, have their reasons and are not just being mean, but…

In this house, we haven’t changed seasons enough to even take the flannel sheets off the bed.

And for what’s it’s worth — Ken and I are lucky to be able eat everyday, no matter the season.

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