One to another

June 3rd, 2012 by Jan

I like to make things. I’m crafty and the process of transforming one thing into another brings me great joy.

Wool to yarn — fabric to blanket — memories to stories.

Glass beads, baskets, iphone apps — I’ve created a lot of things that began one way and with a little manipulation and practice on my part, became something else entirely. Even the gold medals gained in Tai Chi competitions are in a way — a product of my work. I enjoy the end product of process, but it’s the creation of art that I like the best, not art per se.

Jim reminds me we are always practicing something, and good news / bad news — we reap what we sow. And whether I’m making a garden, an app, a quilt or a form – I find I prefer the sowing.

I’ll let the reaping take care of itself.

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