April 19th, 2017 by Jan

I am one lucky person.
I have people in my life that love me and know how to fix things!

As you may know by now, this site was hacked and to those in the know — it wasn’t pretty. (Thanks to Laura B for the heads up.)

Why, people are so mean, I will never understand. I mean really — what purpose other than malice, could there be to pick anyone’s bloggy and cause damage?

I’m assuming this was a random act of hacking. I don’t think I have anyone pissed off at me. Although I did leave a bad review with a locksmith in LA, after he messed with my brother. But, that was after the hack job, so… who knows.

What I do know, is heather Gardner-Madras is a friggen rock star!

All credit, deep bows, and salutes for the fix goes to her. I will also send presents, when she least expects it and they won’t suck!

First off, this sight wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for heather. She is one of the first people who encouraged me to write well over 900 posts ago!

This web site began as a way for Jim and I to get our JanJimJam qigong and push hands work into the world. Then heather set it up so I could blog out of.

Anyway – like I said, I’m a lucky person in all matter of techie stuff.

I have no idea how to fix or create any of this. If it were left to me — we’d be left out.

However, I do know and love those who do have the skills. I’m grateful they love me. I have benefited ten thousand ways from their generosity.

The men at Arkion gifted me an entire web site in the hay day of Jan Parker Arts. Allyson did all the techno stuff for Today’s Step, and helped me with numerous techie problems over the years.

And heather… I cannot say enough good things about heather. Her life is full, she is busy. A lot of people count on her daily. Her skills are in such high demand. She does good  and important work on the world stage. Yet, she moved this bloggy thing to the front of her “fix it” queue.

Now, once again, heather has made it possible for me to blog it out, and more importantly, it is now a safe and secure place for you to come visit.


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