February 3rd, 2019 by Jan

I read a thing that mentioned, something like 80% of the people, feel they are better than average drivers.

Math is not my strong suit, yet even I know that doesn’t add up.

I admit to being one of the left over 20%. I am a good driver, my record is clean, but I’m not comfortable driving.

I do not like having the power and responsibility that is needed to control a car. And the trust I hold for other drivers is well below average.

I’ve not always been this way — but over the years, more and more, I’m less and less comfortable dealing with cars.

I liked having a small car with little power. I think other drivers don’t expect much from little cars, and will happily go around, without shaking Mr. Middle Diget out the window. However, today we have a good and reliable Subaru capable and expected to keep up. (my own fault)

Over the years Ken and I do our fair share of household chores, by doing what we are better at than the other. I’m a better cook and bottle washer, Ken is better at hauling wood, and opening peanut butter jars. Oh, and he drives!

The last few weeks things have temporarily changed around here. I’ve been hauling wood, not eating peanut butter, and I’m driving!

Living on the coast it hasn’t been too bad. We only have one busy road from Langdale to Eggmont. If I do drive — it is to and from the store, a twelve minute round trip adventure.

Last week, I drove to and from Vancouver. No problem. Hands, at 10 and two, shoulders on my ears, I was on high alert, and did a fine job. I even went over the speed limit to make the ferry cut off by five minutes!

Today, the next right thing is to get to the ferry again, (a 35 minute drive) then across West Van on the highway, over the bridge, down through Kits, and out to UBC.

We’ve got all day to get there!

It’s fucking snowing!

No laughter from the peanut gallery, please. I know most of North America is in a polar vortex, deep in snow, and cold as hell. I know in comparison this is nothing, but here on the coast we usually see the first signs of spring in January, with buds popping up all over.

Still, history repeats and in February – it fucking snows.

The next right thing — Get out of my way. We are doing this!

One thought on “notyouraveragedriver

  1. heather

    Hope all went well on the drive and you are nicely settled at UBC. I feel you – I only drive when I have to and my days of getting speeding tickets are well behind me now. But our “new” car has seat warmers and a working stereo, which provide much needed motivation.

    Will be thinking of you and Ken.


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