May 11th, 2018 by Jan

Most days when I wake up, I spend time in what Ken calls “the simmering spot.” I don’t jump out out of bed. I lie there for quite a while. I listen to the birds, look out the window, and think of the day ahead.

The first thing I do, is figure out what day it is.

I’ll talk to myself (for example), and say, it’s Monday – get the recycle out. Or, it’s Thursday – Patti comes and today is fitness class.

Being retired without a schedule, it is easy for me to spend the entire day at the sewing machine, unless I remember other life events.

I’m not saying my life is boring – I’m saying I thrive on boredom, and need to remind myself that there are particular things to do on any given day.

For example — today is Friday.
First thing on the list is to remember, it is garbage pick up day. So we need to get the weeks trash out to the curb. Friday is also the day Boze gets her weekly medication, so we don’t have to re-name her Princess Pee Pants.

I usually swim on Fridays as well, and the weekly paper comes. Friday is a big day!

Today however, we are doing something out of the norm.

I have a suitcase packed, and we’re taking the ferry to the big city for the night.

Tomorrow morning, Ken will drop me at the airport and I’ll travel to Vegas, via San Francisco to see Art again.

Art is having surgery on Monday and I’m hoping I can help. I admit to being nervous so, I am doing my best to stay present and will focus on doing the next right thing.

I can let my imagination get a little carried away and that is no good for anyone, especially me!

So — first things first, and easy does it.

Today is Friday – garbage day, and Boze gets her pill.

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