July 21st, 2015 by Jan

I’ve spent the last few days in the guest/sewing room of the house. I’m cutting up orange fabric and sewing it back together.

Sometimes, I think I will make a small wall hanging, then a lap quilt — then I think, no I want to wrap myself in a huge orange blanket; cover it in orange hair, throw up on it and maybe even add a hint of pee in the corner. Too much? Sorry.

I miss Peet. I still have not be able to even say out loud that he is dead without bursting into tears.

Cutting up orange fabric helps – I think.

While I do this, I am listening to an audio book.

Us by David Nichols is a harmless book about an average man whose wife wants a divorce after their one child reaches the age of 18. He of course doesn’t see it coming and I of course find the wife selfish and the son an asshole.

But, it’s an easy listen and I like the voice of the guy reading it.

I also just finished reading Larry’s Party by Carol Shields.

In a weird way the two books are very similar. Both are about regular men — nothing special about either. Both are just novels of the ‘day in a life’ variety. He was born, he lived, and he died type of story. The author fills in a few blanks here and there, but really not much happens and tomorrow still comes.

Not every book has to be about a prize winner, hero, or the movers and shakers of the world. I suspect that more of us, tend to thrive on the day to day dramas and joys.

Right now, I find getting through the day to be good enough.

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