No go…

April 20th, 2012 by Jan

The ferry didn’t show up to Bowen Island today.

In a strange way it feels like the keeper of the keys, the guy that works the draw bridge slept in, missed work and forgot that there are people over here and that want to be over there. Or something else happened, maybe the boat broke or the Captain went on strike or this or that…. It doesn’t really matter, we have no control over the situation.

The folks on Bowen Island are now held hostage. Commuters are not able to get to work, the kids won’t make school, flights and appointments will be missed. There are people on the other side of the pond as well, the ones that want to come home or commute to Bowen, they are sitting in their cars wondering how long this time?

The Queen of Capilano — our ferry, our boat, our ride to the mainland — no one has seen it this morning. It should have been here and back two times already as I write this. The BC Ferry website, just reports that the Queen’s sailings have been cancelled. More information would be nice, but would knowing more make a difference?

What you’d have is information — what you’d still need is a boat. Right now, we have neither.

3 thoughts on “No go…

  1. Jenny

    How disconcerting. Most of us get antsy when our access is denied, but not knowing the reason behind the situation can surely add angst to antsy, and anyone will tell you that’s a messy affair!

    Here’s hoping the Queen is back in service soon linking people with their places.

  2. Jim

    Holy crap – the second to last sentence made me spit brownie all over my computer.

    I’m betting the pilot of the Queen is out joyriding. Perhaps the first mate wanted to do some waterskiing. It’s a beautiful day, after all.


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