November 9th, 2012 by Jan

As much as I would rather be home with Ken, than be in New Mexico taking care of my dad, I have to say this place is friggen incredible.

Today we took a short drive to Abiquiqu. We had a small chore to do for my brother Art.

The trip there only took an hour or so and I pulled over seven times to take pictures. I said, “WOW!” a lot more often than that.

Here are two photos. What’s cool about these, is this is one stop photography. I got out of the car, and took a photo of what I saw on the left side of the road, then turned around and snapped what I saw on the right side.

Crazy beauty here.

4 thoughts on “nmbeauty

  1. Laura B

    Really beautiful, Jan. And I can’t help but ask, how the heck do you pronounce Abiquiqu? It looks like it should be something like aah-bih-KWEE-koo.
    Is that anywhere close? I’ve never seen this word before.


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