June 2nd, 2017 by Jan

This master writing class with David Mamet is hard. I’m in way over my head, and while I’m grateful for the challenge, it’s obvious, that I should take a grade 12 creative writing class instead. (Not that that would be any easier!)

When I’m not an instant success at something, my inclination is to quit. But, my closet is full with the unicycle, water colours, and rope twirling kit. Those are only a few of the skills I gave up learning. When learning is hard, I stall and go watch TV.

The problem is I can’t think of thing I’ve learned that came easy. I’m not a natural at anything. Every skill has taken perseverance and practice. For example, my learning to cook is why we had to unplug the smoke detectors in the house and why my pot holders have burn marks on them.

I like learning; I’m a curious person — and why I became a teacher. We all know being a beginner is hard. I prefer being told how easy I make something look or how skilled I am, much more than hearing, “this needs work” and “try again.”

Right now I’m in that that horrid place where my writing is not coming together. I know I should not be posting it in public.

The next two assignments in this class don’t make any sense to me. I need to spend time with the notes, workbook and probably listen to the lecture again.

Today my goal is to “just do it.” I know from experience that if I stall much longer, I will have a hard time getting back to it. Then my habits will kick in and my learning will stop.

Plus… I don’t want to leave my so called “children’s story” up as the post to read if you are coming to this bloggy thing for the first time.

The good news is the weather here on the coast today is rainy, windy and all around crappy, so today is the perfect day is be inside, go to class, and throw words at the paper.

Then again — maybe I’ll find a “Say Yes, to the Dress” marathon on TLC!

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