February 9th, 2017 by Jan

I was warned – still, I persist!

I sat down yesterday to begin something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. But, then I quickly stopped doing it, as soon as I realized exactly what it was I was doing.

Sandie does it and I like to copy her. I also know, she struggles with it. So, I’m questioning myself. I’m a lot like Sandie and wonder, do I need a new habit to struggle with?

I’m learning how to cook, and am taking it quite seriously. So far, it’s been really fun, as well as extremely challenging.

For Christmas, Tamsin gave me a bag full of the cooking magazine, The Australian Women’s Weekly Home Library.  Each is full of lessons, recipes, beautiful photos, and helpful hints to create everything from fish to fritters to flan.

The pile of magazines has been stacked by my chair for two months now. I spend time everyday browsing them, turning down pages, making shopping lists; trying to figure out what 500 ml and 30g translate to in real measure!

There are some recipes I know I will never make, some I have tried, and some I really want to try, someday.

Still, space is limited and I’m all about not having clutter. So, I think I’ll just cut out the page, save the meal I want to make for later, and recycle the rest. But uhm — is ripping recipes out of magazines, with the big fat idea, of making that particular desert or dinner, someday — the way I want to go?

Maybe – maybe not.

The salmon and dill quiche, and the ratatouille look really good, but for later, not for tonight.

I think I’ll put the scissors down for now. But, I’ll keep them handy, just in case.

One thought on “newhabit?yayornay?

  1. LauraB

    I mostly look online and bookmark pages so I can come back to them if I feel like it. Ripping pages out of magazines? I have done it, but I have felt badly about it afterwards. It may be that I’ll never make that recipe. And it’s the voice of my mom from my childhood, about damaging books (even though it’s just a magazine).


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