July 6th, 2015 by Jan

“We must believe in freewill — we have no choice.” — Isaac Bashevis Singer (1904 – 1991)

“It could be worse… it could be better.” —Jan Parker (1955 – present)

Our house is very well built. I know this, because all the windows and doors are closed up tight. We are keeping smoke from the fire out of the house as best we can. Closed up widows, doors, and a fucking fire around the corner, also means no fresh air, and the house hot and stuffy.

Our news is not as horrible as the news given to the family of the man who was killed fighting this fire yesterday.

Still, I think everyday — change has to come. If it were not for Peet – I’m sure Ken and I would leave. But, Peet is family, and he would have a harder time in the van than we are having in the house, so we stay, and we stay inside.

There are 117 fires burning in BC right now, and they say the big and dangerous ones are in Alberta.

I don’t pray — yet, I understand why some do. Repetitive words and pleads, keeps the mind busy. It gives us the illusion that we are doing something. Wishing things different. (and I do wish things were different.)

We humans have so many funny ways to try to accept the things we cannot change. So at 2pm this afternoon, everyone please face our way, pucker up, and blow real hard.

Maybe we can put this fire out!

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