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April 13th, 2012 by Jan

Friday the 13th doesn’t scare me. April 13th makes me realize this is as good as spring gets. Yesterday Ken pointed out the first lilac buds sprouting on a bush we planted, now that we have a deer fence. I had my first nap of the year, in the afternoon sun, on the patio, so I need to put away my New York hat and find my summer straw one. Yay! is my new favourite web site and I’m thinking of sending in a secret. Each day, when I sit at my desk, I look at a photo of my mother dressed up as Aunt Jemima, as offensive as it is, it always makes me smile. My mom was clueless as to how wrong this was — I miss her. (that’s not my secret) I was told yesterday that it helps to dress the way you want to feel, so today I’m going to get guzzied up, just to see what guzzied feels like. And finally, today is Friday, which means there is a new Undercurrent out. The Undercurrent is our local newspaper. Every week I spend 75¢ on it and every week I say, “Well there’s 75¢ I’ll never get back!”

I never said these posts would be any good. hee-hee.

One thought on “Morning babble

  1. Laura B

    Last summer I planted 2 little lilac trees. Today, I can see their little branches sticking up out of the snow. I have hope for little lilac blossoms in about a month or so. Lilacs are the true signals of full spring for me, as the crocuses and swelling buds on the trees are the first living signs.


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