December 18th, 2012 by Jan

With all the comings, goings and shenanigans of the last month my memory is toast and I am a bit scattered.

I know I wrote some Christmas cards. I even sent out some packages.

I did not make a list and have since forgotten who, when, what and if.

So, please forgive me. Some of you might get two cards, perhaps even a small gift; others will receive only our good thoughts and love.

1 thought on “memorylasp

  1. Laur

    Hi Jan, Dorian continues to amaze all of us, every day. Thank you for your gift of telling her to go teach the likes of us. You did something really good there , and I thank you on behalf of the entire Garage Studio.

    So, no matter where your card sending and gifting energies went to, we here in Sunderland are very thankful for your teaching and sharing what you have studied and explored and then shared with Dorian. She’s doing you proud.


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