April 2nd, 2014 by Jan

I know, I know, I know….

I am judged on my actions and not on my thoughts! If only my thoughts could magically transfer into the action of … whatever I’m thinking about!

This last week has been spent in what some would call redundancy, but I call life. I am taking glass rods and melting them into beads. The spinning wheel sits by my office chair, and with it, I turn fluffy fleece into lovely yarn. In the back room fabric is spread out, cut up, and sewn back together again.

Material transformation. Take something and make into something else.

Yet, as I craft and create, my thoughts are on my friend Kim. She is in the process of transforming cancer cells into… into what? What we want is for these cells to just disappear, to go away, and get out of her body — hit the road.

So, as I cut apart and sew together, melt and form, spin and twist, walk and walk, my thoughts are on you Kimmie.

You can do this and I love you.

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