August 6th, 2013 by Jan

I understand lurkers. I lurk. There are several blogs and forums on the interweb that I check often and never — repeat, NEVER comment on. I wouldn’t dream of it. So I understand lurkers.

This last week I faced the false knowledge that only Ken, heather and Jim read or check out this bloggy thing I write on

I know Laura, Nancy, and  Jenny do as well and this last week it became quite clear to me that this bloggy site has quite a few lurkers!

I know this because I received several emails, phone calls, and was even stopped in the cove, and asked, “What happen at the O?” and “Thanks, for sharing your process.” So, I know more of you are out there reading this and I welcome you, dear lurkers. Alas, I will now do my best to forget you are out there and continue to write (or not) as I always have. And, thank you for reading and caring.

So, what is happening at the O now that the qigong program is optional and not everyone is choosing to participate? Well, for one thing – I am able to put down the whip and chair. There is less struggle but I found I wasn’t as invested.

One of the greatest lessons in life is knowing what you can or cannot change. There are three things I know for sure that I can never change.

1. The past
2. The truth
3. YOU

I admit I haven’t been very keen to go to “work.” for a while – So, I figured I had to changed what I could and that is ME!

Today I asked the group who opted to participate if they would then take the option one step further and choose to learn Qigong instead of just do Qigong with me. I explained the difference.

In my mind there is a HUGE difference between doing and learning. Learning is hard. Doing can feel good, but is temporary and shallow. Knowing what you are doing, taking ownership, becoming curious, and participating with intent…. Well, to me that is pure bliss.

To my great delight — the ones who were in the class said yes to the learning process! So, we are going to spend the class time actually learning Qigong now. I will give up the role of “Qi leader” this week. I will teach; not lead, and they will learn; not follow!

I am thrilled and told them that because they chose to learn, I expect them to practice between lessons and that when they leave the O, they will take with them more than a memory of what felt good, they will have a knowledge of qigong in their body, heart and mind and they will be able to take the practice with them where ever they go.

I left the class feeling better than I have in a long time and to top it all off — I was told I was a “Qigong Badass!” It made my day!

6 thoughts on “lurkersandlearners

  1. Kathy

    I am lurking…..and I am smiling.
    Since I wrote I guess I’m not lurking anymore…..Regardless, the clients you have taken on (and the clients that have TAKEN on) will appreciate the difference.
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again ~ you’re amazing.

  2. Evan

    Hey Jan,

    Thank you for this. Really profound insights! It’s so nice to be taught by you even when you’re just blogging!

    Be well, my friend.

    — Evan


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