July 15th, 2013 by Jan

I just spent an hour writing about the latest quilt I made and then hit some button that made it all disappear. Sigh… I don’t have the pucky to start over, so the gist of it is…

I spent a week making a quilt for Marian. It is beautiful and she likes it. While I sewed, I pondered without resolution, some recent changes adapted at the O. Changes I really don’t like.

I am not finished pondering and may be starting another quilt here real soon and it felt good to make a quilt for a friend who isn’t dead.

But there was more to it. Stupid computers!

Here is a photo of Marian receiving her surprise quilt.

One thought on “livingquiltschangesandthedeletebutton

  1. heather

    Arg – I hate that! I feel your pain and am sure it was a lovely piece full of profound insight. Don’t worry any useful bits will surely come back to you for use in other things. And the quilt is terrific!


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