January 25th, 2015 by Jan

It is so hard to write these days. I am a whirlwind of emotion.

I am so happy with the new house, the view, and how smooth the move went, that I can dance and dance. Then, I break into sobbing tears thinking of Kim being dead, and the fact that we just left Marian, Moser, and our community of 19 years.

Ken picked up a woo-woo newspaper yesterday and saw an advertisement for a woo-woo healer type woman. She boasted she was “writer of words” and “singer of songs”. I mean really — but then I thought at least she is writing words and singing songs.

My plate is not empty. Boxes are being unpacked, stuff is finding new closet and wall space. Peet is figuring out his new routine of staying inside and peeing in a box. And today is the first day the clouds lifted and we saw the view! So I spent a lot of the day just looking out the windows.

I also went to see the Bolshoi Ballet preform Swan Lake at a theatre this afternoon. The view and the ability to do things like that are why we made the upheaval over to Sechelt. The ballet was shown live on satellite! There is an entire series offered: opera from the NYC and such, plus they have popcorn!

The previous owners of the house dropped in for a visit today. Cassie and Charles. It was really nice and it is very possible we could become friends. We’ll see. We do have a lot in common and they only moved 5 blocks away. They left us a beautiful home and wrote all the things we needed to know, like where to get mail, who our neighbours are, when garbage is picked up. It was nice. Our realtor dropped by to welcome us as well. He brought a nice bottle of welcome to Sechelt wine… for Ken. ☺

This is a short and sweet post – I know some folks are wondering how we are doing. We are doing just fine. We are delighted, happy, and well and the next minute, I am down, sad and hurting. A liver of life experiencing traumas, drama, joys and celebrations.

I’ve been asked to write some words for a gathering for Kim this Wednesday. Someone offered to read them since I can not be there. I’m going to try to be a writer of words in the next few days, but maybe not a poster of posts!

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