December 27th, 2013 by Jan

Marian gave me a notepad last year. I keep it by my desk. It is the perfect pad for note writing. Long and narrow with a spiral binding, I can stand it up or lay it down — no matter. What matters is that when I think of an important to-do or thought that could use some attention, I write it down on the pad. When I complete the chore, I check it off with glee. When one sheet is full – I turn the page and start another list with the days pressing matters.

Every once in a while I turn a few pages back and see all the stuff I didn’t do.

I’m sure there is a 10 most helpful list somewhere out there for savvy business people, that says bringing forward your to-do lists from yesterday into today is pretty important. I’m not savvy.

On my list of things to do today, is to go through the notes from last year. as we close up 2013 I want to bring forth any items or ideas I forgot about by turning the page.

Perhaps as I look back and look again, I will take some action, or beg your forgiveness for not calling you back, or check out the book someone recommend I read. Maybe I will be reminded of that next big fat idea that could change the world.

Then again, since I haven’t looked back and life goes on, I have to wonder how important is anything.

We shall see… we shall see.

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