January 9th, 2017 by Jan

My niece and her husband live in Wisconsin. They just bought their first house and have a young child. It is interesting to be an onlooker as this young couple plod through the things in life that Ken and I did well over 30 years ago— without the having babies part.

So anyway, a while ago she posted this on Facebook.

If someone comes to your house and rings the bell/knocks and you’re not expecting anyone, do you answer the door? Why/why not?

I have to say I was shocked and sadden by the results she gathered.

There was an overwhelming, No, do not answer the door. Stay safe!

I understand there are places where a knock on the door is spooky. I pretty well flipped out one morning when Sandie and I were in NYC and we were awaken by a knock on the door. I admit it scared the shit out of me, and instead of looking to see who it was, I jumped to conclusions and expected the worse.

I don’t do that at our home. Here, I like friends and neighbours dropping by. If we are busy, we say so, if not, we put the kettle on.

If it is someone we don’t know, I still feel safe enough to at least see what they want.

Life is weird, 30 years ago, this wasn’t a question or dilemma. Today, this is a fair question and merits discussion.

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