January 21st, 2015 by Jan

I am sitting in the laundry room at Ross and Tylers house. Peet is with me. He spent most of the last two days in his bed in the shower in Ken’s washroom at the house. It was easier as we loaded the truck. He is doing fine, still a little stressed.

Everything fit in the truck and the van, except for Ken’s boat. We stashed it at Marians house and will have good reason to come back to Bowen soon.

It is all going well, considering, how really hard this is. We burst into random tears often, and our only talk is, “remember when..”

I have a black eye, where the boat fell off Marian’s truck and my face caught it. Ken has a cut finger from something but, other than that we are unharmed and well.

We will be on the first boat leaving the rock and are putting the big truck and van in the line up tonight after the last one leaves, so we should be first off. We’ll have a long day tomorrow and should be spending the evening watching the sunset from our new digs.

Forgive any spelling or mis-writings for this post please. Bathroom floors and an anxious kitty don’t make the best use of my heart right now.

Thank you Troy! Thank you Ross and Tyler and thank you Marian. Most of all thank you Ken, you gave us a good life on this rock.


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