It’s that time again

July 12th, 2012 by Jan

Birthdays, anniversaries, push hands camp; annual celebrations all deserving of special attention.

In July I have another annual ritual. Each July, four great friends, travel on different roads, from different directions, to meet up for a weekend of joy and laughter.

My tai chi sisters, Anna, Lois, MaryLynn and I have been playing tai chi together together for over 16 years. We do other stuff together too — we give each other foot rubs, do crafty stuff; we catch up on our latest news and we laugh a lot.

We’ve known each other a long time and are grateful to be growing old together. The four of us have made a point and commitment of connecting at least once a year. Good friends are worth the long drive!

We rent a cabin on Watch Lake in the Caribou region of BC. It’s beautiful — there is no internet or phone — the way we connect is still arm to arm.

And since there will be no internet – I won’t be posting for the next four days. Enjoy the break. See you again next Tuesday!

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