December 26th, 2012 by Jan

My tai chi sister Darrlya once gave me some writing advice. She said whenever I get stuck that I should start a new page and at the top write, I remember and go from there.

This gift giving season Ken and I both gave each other the gift of memories to come. It wasn’t planned, it just happened that way.

I have to say it has been grand. We received no socks, big screen TVs, or underwear under the tree this year, just several envelopes with homemade promises for things we will do together.

A coupon for a day at the Vancouver Art Gallery and Aquarium. Ken’s gift to do ALL the dishes for the entire month of January and a lot of small pieces of paper that I can cash in for foot rubs! (who is the lucky girl here)? He received coupons for a camping trip, help in his shop, and hand rubs.

With all the stuff we have, we did not need or want more, and these presents are the perfect size, shape and colour.

We were fortunate in the gifts friends gave too; a jar of fancy pears, a big pot of daffodils that will bloom in the spring, a book to read and pass on, a massage, candles to burn, and a bottle of Elderflower fancy juice! Of course our table is laden with chocolates, cookies and treats; that I can hold the memory of when I work some of it off at the gym.

We’ve enjoyed a generous Christmas, filled with memories in the making. Even better is the fact that we don’t need to make room in the house for more stuff or even one trip to the recycle centre.

I remember, Christmas 2012. It was great.

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  1. Ken

    I saw an ad on TV (I get all my info from TV) that said-“Give memories, not garbage.” And it did affect me. Today is Boxing Day and the news (TV again) said that between 62% and 75% of Canadians are going shopping today. We, on the other hand, are not.


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