February 24th, 2015 by Jan

I haven’t written anything lately, because I haven’t sat down to do it. Busy, busy!

I wake in the morning with an obsessed need to greet the sunrise. Now, just when I am getting a “regular” routine of sleep again, the days are breaking earlier and earlier. I am now, jumping out of bed and running toward my new found practice space so I can witness thechurchoftheholysunrise before the beauty slips away.

I saw the movie Wild. Reece Witherspoon does a great job as Cheryl Strayed and the movie is as good as the book. I really enjoyed it. The take away for me was what the mom said. I do not have it down exactly, so I won’t quote, but it is something to the fact that… each day there is a sunrise and a sunset and it is our duty, to put ourselves in the way of beauty as often as we can.

Those are words to live by and I am doing my best right now.

I am lucky that where we live is gorgeous and putting myself in the way of beauty is not that hard. Doing it mindfully is my practice.

We’ve been in Sechelt a month now.

I still can’t believe what a month it has been. I’m going to meetings, going to movies, sitting at the table, taking walks, practicing tai chi and qigong. We are for the most part, unpacked, most of the art is up and we only say, “Where is…” or “have you seen…” A few times each day. I put together a quilt top for Brother Bill and continue to cry over and miss Kim. Marian and Moser came to visit which was better than good.

I’ve been to the pool and taken a few classes at the rec centre.

Taking classes was as big a reason to move over here as having a view was. I really want to “do stuff.” I also love being a student and being guided, especially in exercise classes. Now, I have to say, I am sorely disappointed by the teachers I’ve encountered so far.

I’ve been spoiled by good instruction and master instructors over the years. My teachers are remarkable. Not only do they know their topic of study, but how they impart their knowledge is brilliant. I believe I am a good teacher because of their example.

Taking a class with a teacher who may have a nice practice, but is not well versed in pedagogy, only makes me all that more grateful.

These days, too many people are not in a class to learn, but to be lead. The few classes I’ve been to here are this way. There has been no discussion, no questions, just silently follow and good luck figuring it out. Take your place in the room, roll out your mat, or grab some weights, take deep breaths, touch your toes, and when time is up — walk back out to your life. The other students don’t even talk to each other.

Thankfully, my tai chi experience did not go that way. Thankfully, we talked, discussed, laughed, and dug in. Thankfully, we really got to dig in. We created community along with gaining skills.

It is disappointing to have an instructor who is only interested in leading a class. It is disappointing to be with students who only want to follow. Yet, these so so instructors, certainly do shine a bright light on the fact that I’ve been lucky in my instructors and my students. I am so very lucky I was encouraged to learn.

I am very grateful that over the years I’ve put myself in the way of beauty, as well as, in the way of brilliance.


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