April 25th, 2016 by Jan

R.I.P. dear John.
local-input-john-ridsdel-show-in-this-photo-and-robert-haI’m writing to write.
And to tell a story of John.

John was my friend Marian’s cousin. I met him on Bowen Island. I even cooked for him. We became friends. He would recommend books for me and told the most amazing stories. He and Marian were very close, so I also would hear stories from her all the time. John was a good man.

I didn’t talk as much as I wanted to about him after he was captured. He would come and go in my thoughts often. Especially around Christmas. My crazy concern was that he had his glasses and shoes with him when he was taken.

The family had asked not to publicize his capture, in order not to jeopardize the negotiations. I was told, that the family and the governments of Canada and the Philippines, as well as many others had been working strenuously for 6 months to free the hostages. Let’s hope the others can get free.

I wrote the Prime Minister and received a letter back from a different minister – saying they shared my concern. I was surprised it was not a form letter, but an actual response to my letter.

I blame the fuckers who killed him. No one else.

Unfortunately, I also read too much of the news for me. I now have things in my head that should not be there, too many visuals of violence.

Humans can be so cruel.

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  1. Kathy

    Jan, I saw the news first thing this morning but didn’t want to email until I was sure you knew.
    I’m so sorry.
    I love you.


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