March 21st, 2012 by Jan

My friend, Nan once told me that in some situations, a small gift would not be inappropriate!  So, I walked down to the beach yesterday.

A flock of ducks landed in the bay. There must have been 200 of them. They had white heads and a black chest, very yin/yang for a bird! I also saw house wrens, robins, seagulls and a dozen honkers flew overhead. AND, I saw a bald eagle!


Tunstall Bay is beautiful. This spring weather is cold, the daffodils are trying to bloom, but I see hesitation. It even snowed a bit in the morning. Still outside is lovely.
My insides are not quite in harmony with the outside view though.

My heart is with Ken, my memories with Tomi. My mind is on some work, I don’t want to do, and to top it off, I find it is still hard to go to the beach without a dog.

Thank you for your sympathy, phone calls and loving thoughts yesterday. All gifts and most welcome in the journey towards balance and harmony.

Welcome spring!

1 thought on “inside/outside

  1. nancy

    Dear Jan
    I send you a big blue sky full of early spring … but keep your parka on. It will warm soon, when Ken gets home
    love to you both


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