November 20th, 2013 by Jan

There are several blogs I follow and when one of them stops posting for a while I get frustrated and want to tell them they are missed. I haven’t been told I’m missed, but I miss being here.

heather is my brilliant friend, who told me not to worry about it and to post when I have something to post. I like to think I follow her advice to not spread around crappy writing, and sometimes I use the advice as excuse for not writing anything good or bad. I keep saying, I have nothing!

This morning as I was on the patio in minus 3 degree temps, moving under the just full moon, I remembered I have something!

After only a few months, the O has made the Qigong class mandatory again.

It didn’t take long for all of the clients to quit coming. It is hard enough to stand inside yourself, given a choice of another cuppa coffee or a smoke, it is even harder if none of your friends want to try as well. So, after weeks of small groups and a few days of no shows, the management is back to making everyone come and start their day with a little mindful movement.

I love it!

Once again I have 25 restless rascals, grumbling, stumbling, suffering, and learning how to do something that is weird and at times very wonderful.
Did I mention I love it? I do.

I am back to being challenged to open doors and show a few people how seeking stillness can change their lives.

Being in treatment is hard. It is not a vacation from home or work. It is not 6 weeks off or a break from the regular. Being in treatment is the start of a new life.

How to begin the day is just the beginning of learning how to choose to live that new life, especially  for an addict. After doing what we are told to for a while, we then get the chance to choose.

Choice is for those who have information and experience to know what they are choosing.

I’m excited to go to work again. Yay!

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