I would but I’ve got a cat on my lap

September 4th, 2012 by Jan

I usually wake early in order to spend a bit of time on the patio in practice and also to write for an hour or so. Especially for this bloggy thing. This morning when I woke, my first thought is I’m not writing, so why don’t I sleep in? I got up anyway.

There has been so much going on. Our days have been super busy and I have a zillion topics I could write about. But… I don’t. Maybe because Peet is sitting on my lap.

In just the last few weeks, we had a great push hands camp. Roughriders from all over North America came to play and learn. It was really terrific.

Then the next day, my best friend Sandie and her husband Joe came for a visit. We all got in a nice big caddie and took a road trip to the Okanagan, stayed in a beautiful house with a stunning view, ate, explored, and laughed. I really enjoy and honour the friendship we have built over the last 35 years.

When Joe and Sandie left, a friend I’ve known since grade 5 or 6 came to visit. Jeff and his wife Debby and their three dogs (yes, three dogs) made Bowen Island a stop on their summer road trip. Jeff is a painter and one day I followed him to the beach to watch him create. It was just incredible how in just three or so hours he made a plain white sheet of paper look just like the Tunstall Bay beach view. It was fascinating watching nothing become something. Just fascinating.

Then Moser has taken a turn at visiting us. Marian is being all important in India, so we are on… wait for it… Dog Duty!

Having a puppy in the house is just grand. There are big differences from our usual dog experience of older dogs. Cricket and Lucy already knew stuff. Moser is just learning and we are learning a lot too.

And my evil step mother died a few days ago. She made my life hell for 47 years and I’m not surprised I feel nothing, well maybe relief. That is probably what my dad feels as well, too but for different reasons. He cared for her in every way for the last 6 years, as Alzheimer’s killed her long before her heart quit beating. When my dad called to tell me the news, he also added that he would like to take me to Las Vegas. Apparently there are a lot of shows and good buffets we could go to in Vegas. Yup! I’ve booked my ticket! Does anyone else think this is weird?

So, a lot has been going on at the old Parker house with plenty of topics to write about. Perhaps I will just keep plugging along, or then again, perhaps I’ll learn to sleep in!

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