February 20th, 2013 by Jan

I’m going to do my best to describe how most people hug. In a nutshell, the majority of folks give what I call “liver hugs”. It is a rare and usually uncomfortable feeling to get a “heart hug”.

Now a liver hug is when two people approach each other for a hug and most common or most comfortably they put their put their right hand over the partners shoulder, their faces meet on the right side of the face and if you pay attention, the livers meet. Right side to right right side.

In a “heart hug” it is opposite. We meet and put our left hands over the other persons shoulder and the left sides of our faces touch together. Hence, we are heart to heart. At least our hearts rub each others.

The liver hug is common. The heart hug feels odd.

Try it. Notice how you hug folks — both out of habit and with mindfulness.

Usually I pay very close attention to this, and like most people, I go in right and give and take liver hugs.

Last night I noticed one reason I am usually uncomfortable hugging my father.

He has always given heart hugs.

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