March 18th, 2013 by Jan

Remember back in January when our hot water heater blew? The Harry Potter room at the foot of the stairs in our basement was flooded.

We had the big idea to file a home insurance claim to get it all fixed instead of being the “DIY” we usually are.

Well, here it is March and it still isn’t finished. It has been a bit of circus. Our insurance company is both very helpful and total idiots.

The helpful part is that they fall all over themselves on the phone with, “Yes, Mrs. Parker, that is terrible, and oh how sorry we are, and let’s see what we can do to help.” But the truth is they are idiots, being ripped off, scammed and passing the cost of the drama on to their policy holders. Duh….

For starters they hired a construction company to do the work from Vancouver Island. The cost they have been quoted for the work is $7,000. And that includes over $700. in ferry costs. No shit!

Can you imagine the kind of basement room Ken and I would have with $7,000.

Instead, the Harry Potter room, with the exception of a bit of new drywall, the kitchen in the apt. and the back yard still looks just like it did the day after the flood in January.

I could go on and on and on and on, and at times, I feel like I do. I’m really sick of it. I’ve spent a lot of time on the phone in the last three months with, well anyone who would talk to me, including the owner of the insurance company.

The latest update is that today — TODAY  is the day they come to install the new zillion dollar carpet and we are almost close to completion of this claim. Of course there is still the clean up of soggy crap that is sitting in the yard waiting to be hauled away.

Years ago, I was told by my lawyer friend Joe, “The insurance company is not your friend, no matter how nice they are when you talk to them.” Wiser words I’m sure have been uttered, and probably by Ghandi, Einstein, or Jim. But, in this context, Joe is the wise one here.

I had a good practice on the front porch this morning, so I’m not holding my breath for the promises of the day.

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