March 9th, 2017 by Jan

We moved to Canada in 1996 and in all that time, we’ve never been to a hockey game!

A poor excuse of a Canadian if you ask me.

So – we are fixing that, and gallivanting, into the big city, tonight.

We have tickets to see the Canucks play the New York Islanders, in Rogers Arena.

I’m told, they are the two worse teams in the league, this season. But that doesn’t matter to us.

We plan on having loads of fun.

Now, while we will not be painting our faces blue, or wearing home team jerseys, and we don’t have one of those giant foamy fingers to wave around — you can bet, we will be screaming, and cheering, like life long, fans of the Canucks, all night.

Go hockey! I hope we get on the kiss cam!

3 thoughts on “hockeynightinCanada

  1. Kathy

    I love that you’re going to a game! So much fun! Have a listen to Stompin’ Tom’s “Good Ol’ Hockey Game” to get you primed!

  2. Karen Koziol

    It looks like it was an exciting game that went into OT.

    Last night the NY team won 4-3

    Hope you got on the kiss cam!


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