May 28th, 2014 by Jan

Before I get started, I’d like to point out that if “we” had shelled out $90,000. for the van I wanted, this post would be on a different topic!


“We” are fixing up the van. That’s the royal “we” I am talking about now. And when I talk about “we,” I am usually talking about Ken.

Ken, is fixing up the camper van we bought. Yes, others are helping as well. The mechanic has put in more than a few hours, the folks at the FOAM Store did some work, and our friend, Ily sewed new curtains. But, Ken is the one out there day after day, sometimes on his back, underneath the van with screwdrivers, shop-lights, scraped knuckles, and cuss words. He is the one with a long check list of things that must get done before head out on adventure.

Ken is the handy one in this house and the one (I admit) who does most of the fix-it chores around here. I am the crafty one. While I spend time quilting or making beads, it seems I am also crafty enough to get out of doing most of the hard work.

Ken’s a good guy and only asks me to help when he really needs it.

Yesterday, I put the book down that I was reading, and did my best to help Ken put in the new vinyl floor the van needed.

How I usually help is to hold the “dumb” end of the tape; the end without the numbers. I can hold and steady a ladder, and I try to be there to hand Ken the right tool, at the right time. My favourite is when I get to help him carry something very heavy, and have to walk backwards while doing it.

Yesterday “we” both, wrestled, cut, and glued, a big piece of flooring into a little van. We both bumped our heads, we both cussed a bit, and we both are happy with the results.

This is my post to salute and call out the hardworking boy I live with. He works hard and makes my life easier.

The best part of helping is that now I get to say, “WE” are fixing up the van. And soon, very soon, “we” will go galavanting and have a great time, all because I live with this hard working, handy man. I am grateful.


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