December 31st, 2014 by Jan

Happy New Year to you!
May 2015 bring health, happiness and joy and whatever else your heart desires.

Our house is in disarray with boxes packed and empty ones waiting to be filled. Our check list of “things to do” is getting smaller as we get closer to move day. We have 20 more sleeps at the BITCH and then we will spend two nights with friends and then the first night at our new home will be on the 22nd. Pretty darn exciting.

So many changes.

Another change worth noting is that my best friend and her husband are retiring! Their office and house are in disarray as well. They too, are packing and moving boxes, changing numbers, and looking at this next year with wonder and excitement. Shutting down a business cannot be easy.

I just want Joe and Sandie to know that Ken and I wish them the best in the next phase of life. I’m sorry I never got to see Joe be Judge. I always wanted to get kicked out of a court room! 🙂 I’m also hoping this means we will get to spend more time with them.

Years ago, they took a stab at retirement and traveled all over the world. During this time, we bought a huge world map and hung in our hallway. It was fun to point to the different places they traveled and it was a terrific geography lesson for me.

Last week, we took the map off the wall. I packed it up and sent it off as a surprise prize to someone in the states. I’m not telling who, but he just won a huge battle with Chick-fil-A and I thought it would be nice for him to know people “around the world” are on his side!

So, goodbye 2014, I have no complaints. Okay, there were a few whining moments, and it could’ve been nicer to some friends, but there you go.

Hello 2015!
I’m looking forward to the next… well, the next everything!

I’m sitting at the table and wishing you well.

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