April 8th, 2014 by Jan

I swear if one more person tells me to shave my head and donate my “locks of love” to cancer… I’ll rant silently in my head, better yet, I’ll rant out loud on this bloggy thing.

It’s my fault after all. I started it all, by thinking I could have a hair style. I get these big fat ideas every once in a while — one day I will come to accept reality. I have course, dry, fuzzy hair that is better served in an elastic band or super short. (Not shaved!)

I had more than 6 inches of hair cut off yesterday. They even did a little layering and thinning. Product was put on, fussing was made. When I left, my head just looked messy to me. I said I’d keep an open mind. I was told not to brush it, and to spin the curls between my fingers. I tried. But, it was raining.

Boom! I don’t think I was home an hour when I experienced a big fuzz explosion. I’ve had them before. Humidity is not my friend. More than once, I’ve paid a lot of money to have my hair straighten. I loved it! I could swirl and toss my locks all around my head. It’s a delight. But, I live in a rain forest. Poof! Almost instantly every hair on my head doubles in size. Instead of flipping my hair hither and yon – I end up with a big fuzz ball of lint on my head, that moves as a unit.

Acceptance. That’s the key. I am what I am and have what I have. Yet, my mothers words haunt me, and I think they are the reason I continue to try. I hear her all the time, “Can’t you do … something?” she would say as she waved her hands around my hair, “something“. She had super fine and soft hair, how could she understand?

Same with beauty salon people. They have me for an hour — clip, clip, futz, futz… mess, mess. Even as I’m walking out the door, they are still running their fingers through my locks, selling bags of product; trying to make me presentable.

Still, I am not going to shave my head again, no matter how many people suggest it. (I did that once and once was enough.) And  if I did, cancer is not my charity of choice.

I do have plenty of elastic bands though and pretty silver barrettes. One is being used right now, holding everything but this rant back!


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