January 21st, 2016 by Jan

Here come the anniversary posts.

We’ve lived in Sechelt for a year now. We’ve been up and down, round about and back again. At times it feels like we’ve lived here for a long time. We are quite comfortable, love our home, the view, and the beauty of the area.

On different days though, I feel like we moved really, really far away, and too many changes happened too fast and too often. I really miss our friends, and the community we spent years building.

People ask us all the time, if we have done this thing or that yet …  I’m surprised how often our answer is no. We still want to, we just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Being retired, our time is ours and yet, each night when I go to bed, I’m amazed that once again, already again, I am crawling into the bed I feel I just crawled out of, sometimes without accomplishing anything all day. Sometimes all I seem to accomplish is taking a long walk or making dinner. It’s amazing!

I was looking for inspiration or a topic to write about yesterday, so I spent some time reading from my Notebook at

If I do say so myself, I posted some good stories on the site at times.

Sadly, I don’t think I’ve added anything of worth to this bloggy thing this last year. It may be because the last year has been so up and down, or possibly it is because my daily practice is so very different from ever before.

I know, a lot of my ideas use to come from teaching and practicing Tai Chi and Qigong on a super regular basis. Life lessons were learned in practice and puzzled out on the page.

Dorian once noticed from her students that the most interesting questions came out of their practice. I get it. I think it also follows that the more interesting stories come from regular participation.

I still don’t have a good story to tell, but I’m ready to participate.

It’s taken a year… but now, I actually have a schedule.

I’ve signed up for and committed to a couple of regular movement classes. (One is in the swimming pool!)

Of course I reserve the right to continue to write garbage and dear diary stories as they come. After all, I might forget to look at my calendar, skip a class once in a while, or be too stubborn to learn anything new.

And, of course I may leave this bloggy thing blank longer than I want to, but probably not as long as I really should!

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