January 3rd, 2013 by Jan

Last month I met a young couple who just moved to the island. We talked about the “things we do” and they said they both were learning how to knit. The next week I put together a bag of homespun for them and told them to enjoy. Then I forgot about it until I received a thank you phone call from the young woman. What I really enjoyed about the call was that she said she wanted to thank me the “old fashion way” hence the phone call!

This morning… I was the surprised and very happy recipient of a beautiful new hat! I could tell it was made with beginners joy. I was told it was the first hat she ever made and I believe I was thought of with each stitch! It’s real beauty.

I am in a super old fashion mood today as I plan to write and mail a thank you note!

1 thought on “goesaroundcomesaround

  1. Jenny

    It’s lovely, Jan, and I am certain the hand-written thank you will be received with the same love and gratitude that went into the knitted cap!


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