March 23rd, 2013 by Jan

Before I started posting my ramblings here on the JJJ web site, I wrote on the JanParkerArts web site on a page called “from Jan’s Notebook.” I switched over to this site with the encouragement that others would be able to post comments on my 2 cent rambles. And some of you do.

Today, I am posting from my notebook. I’m not changing web sites, I just want to share a few one liners from notes I’ve taken over the years. Reading back over these, I will say I’ve had a lot of great lessons.

Here are just a few gems from the vault.
Combine your readings with some focused work.
Good push hands happens in the moment — not in the habit.
This is how your body moves. Your body!
Have a clear understanding of where you are, instead of worrying if you are in balance.
Look as if you are seeing from the inside.
Things are not a big deal when you know you are always adjusting.
Learn about regional awareness — how is your shoulder today?
Do you pay attention to the pirate or the land they occupy?
Body noises are detoxing — groan, moan, etc.
Do the practice — don’t get attached to the outcome or what happens.
To remove blocks stay real, don’t guess. Listen to where the pressure is.
If I make a forceful action, my destiny is decided.
Q. What should I do to achieve my goals? A. Find the path and practice.
Put a lesson in each touch.
It’s about choice, not over reacting.
Self cultivation is not enough, it must be passed on the community.
If you practice something that is repetitious and it changes… It becomes interesting.
Sort out the mechanics and then sort out the energies.
Work out issues and celebrate when shit isn’t shit anymore. (Perhaps my favourite!)
There is a time for putting up your feet and a time for rolling up your sleeves.
A zillion ways to make it work is different from how it works or that it works — let it work, make it work.
Work, work, work!

2 thoughts on “frommynotebook

  1. Jim

    Found this in an old notebook:

    “blah blah blah stick
    blah blah blah connect
    etc etc etc”

    Not the world’s best haiku.


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