August 27th, 2012 by Jan

Just before we met Joe and Sandie in Horseshoe Bay last Friday, I bought some blueberries, peaches, cherries and kettle popcorn. We were going on a road trip and would need some nourishment for the ride.

Along the way we stopped at a few roadside stand and added to the bounty — more peaches, some tomatoes, garlic, and cheezies. By the time we arrived at our rental home on Lake Okanagan we had to unload several sacks full of food. We would be staying here for several days and would need to eat everyday after all.

The next day we got in the car to explore and our first stop was at a Saturday market, homemade cookies! Then a store for cream for coffee and perhaps some pastries, oh look, we all shouted with glee, “Blueberries and home made beef jerkey!” Should we get a pie for this evening, how about some local honey? At the next Farmers market of the day, we got more cherries, some bread, a bag of nuts, cookies, salad greens, and beets! At the fourth market we found butter chicken, kale, squash, potatoes and chocolate.

We did have to stop again at the store for cheese and wine.

Yesterday we only went to three markets or stores to get more food and to our credit, we did take a great hike to a waterfall. Then we made plans to have a friend over for dinner who promised to cook steak! While Ken and Joe were near the BBQ, a fast moving bear took them by surprise, but luckily they saved the garlic bread and the steaks!

This morning, we had peaches with yogurt and cinnamon rolls for breakfast, lunch was leftover stir fry with ravioli. This afternoon we are going on a boat on the lake and will probably need to take something… then there is dinner to worry about!

Travelling with foodies! Sheesh! I still don’t know why we aren’t going into more shoe stores on this trip, maybe if they sold snacks or edible sandals.

2 thoughts on “Foodies!

  1. Ken

    Right. You should have seen the load of fruit we packed into the car – from the fruit stands that Jan just couldn’t pass by. That’s a Foodie.


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