February 7th, 2016 by Jan

Five years ago I had the great gift of getting away from the rain and gloom that can be the norm in this part of the world, at this time of year.

But, more than getting away from horrid weather, I was given the gift of visiting friends in the Bay area.

Spring was springing all around us.

I had just begun my “sabbatical” from teaching and was looking for a project.

Allyson and I took a walk. It was a beautiful day. We saw a coyote in the distance. She snapped this photo of the two of us.


It was on this walk, we conceived Today’s Step.

If ever I have any doubt about doing good in the world…
We have Today’s Step to remind us, we did some real good.


2 thoughts on “fiveyearsagowetookastep

  1. Ken

    “Today’s Step” is just one of many good things the two of you have done, together and separately. Love you both.


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