January 7th, 2019 by Jan

The hard part of writing is thinking of things to write.

My friend Anna, said when writing a letter, you just need to write one interesting thing. I’ll go a step shorter, and say, just write the darn letter!

My days are routine, and while I can entertain myself well enough, I realize I am not adding much to the conversation, so this bloggy thing is wrought with rambles. Sorry!

I tend to read, sew, walk, cook at least one meal, and repeat. Sometimes, instead of sewing, I spin. Once or twice a week, I venture out to the store and Post Office.

Today, the post office will be my one interesting thing.

When it comes to the Post Office, I admit, I am a fallen apple from the Hudson tree.

My Grandma loved writing and sending letters. Birthday cards in particular, and I’m grateful her passion for this was passed on to me.

My dad also, loved the mail. Even during his last days, when it was hard for him to go anywhere, he wanted to go to the Post Office. There were times, he would wait outside the post office for it to open. He loved being first in the doors. By the way, he did this at the barbers and dry cleaners as well. First was better than second.

Canada Post in general, cannot be said to be a fine service. It is expensive and slow. I know for a fact that letters and packages go missing. And, while I really like our local postal workers, I suspect too that the delivery person, sometimes, just takes the day off.

I won’t be first in the line up today, but as a Hudson, I do look forward to going to the P.O.

Today, I’m sending out January birthday cards, a contest prize, and two surprise presents.

Grandma used to say, “You gotta write ‘em to get ‘em.” Unfortunately, that is no longer true and not my motivation.

These days I just write ‘em to write ‘em.

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