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Day 20: Put your music on shuffle and write about the first three songs that play and what your initial thought is.

Music is not a big thing in my life. I know that is not cool to say, and don’t get me wrong – I like music, but I can go days and days without listening to any.

Of course, I like listening to Ken practice his guitar and I totally admire the talent of folks who play instruments or can sing. Oh, to be able to sing!

With the death of so many famous musicians this year, we are reminded how music gets us through different periods of our life. Of course certain songs hit us harder than others. Most of us can hear a song and remember exactly where we were, and what we were doing at the time it was a hit.

I’ll never forget being in NYC lying in my Grandmothers bed listening to the radio. I heard the song American Pie by Don Maclean for the first time. Holy Moly! Of course having Art for a brother, did a lot for my musical education. Plus, I was around for the 60s!

The first album I ever bought was Meet the Beatles and the first concert I ever went to was the Butterfield Blues Band and the Crazy World of Arthur Brown at the Filmore East in New York. I was lucky and got to see all the cool bands. For me, though, it wasn’t so much the music, that drew me — it was the event. I liked to party and we partied with music.

I’m different now. I do not keep up with the latest and greatest new music. I still play the oldies and show tunes. I have no idea who the cool or hot artists in the world are. I know Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan, and Roger Daultry are still selling tickets. In some ways, I find it wrong. I regret never seeing the Rolling Stones in concert — but, today I have no interest in seeing Mick Jager jumping around. Keith Richards on the other hand, might be worth the ticket.

Getting back to this day 20 writing challenge, I did exactly what I was instructed to do. I hit shuffle on my iPod and was curious as to what might come up. At first I was afraid I would get a chapter of a book, or a podcast, but nope. I got three terrific songs. I was happy to listen and dance!

First up was Amy Winehouse, singing Rehab. Yes, I sang along! Marian gave me the CD the last time she was visiting, and I feel hip to have this in my collection. Amy was a talent, too bad she didn’t go to rehab though.

Second song up was the Art Hudson Band, with the song You Got Off Easy. My brother is a prolific song writer and incredible guitar player. This song is from his latest album, Smothered in Red. I find it to be a sensitive tribute to my dad and brother Bill, with a heavy beat. I admire Arts song writings and playing skill. I wonder what path he might have gone down had he had support or encouragement. I will say I’m his biggest fan.

The third song took me back in time. Huge memories hit me when Christine Duncan, came on and sang Greatland. This is from the disc Different Standards. The entire album was written by Sam Masich. He wrote Greatland with his friend Marick, in mind. Greatland is one of my absolute favourite songs, and Christine blows my mind when she sings. Always has.

I don’t listen to a lot of music these days, and what I listen to, is what I’ve listened to for years. I’m okay with that right now.

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  1. Michael

    i can go for months without listening to or missing music. I do like it, but I just don’t seek it out. I did the 3 music shuffle test. Total junk. I guess I need to clear out some stuff from my library.


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