January 27th, 2016 by Jan

We moved to Sechelt because we wanted “stuff”. Stuff like swimming pools, movie theatres, stores, Chinese food (that delivers) and banks that we don’t need to take a ferry to get to. Sechelt has all that and we really like this small coastal town.

Over the last year, we’ve done our best to get to know the community and try out the things that we said we wanted.

The fitness centre and the pool are high on our list of things to be part of. They have a lot of classes and a huge pool with all kinds of amenities.

But, me and pools, ugh. I’m definitely not a big fan of the water in general. Yet, I think I should be. In my perfect world, I’d go to the pool each morning for a good workout, shower and then start my day. I even have the short hair cut that dries in no time at all, so what is stopping me?

Maybe the fact that I’m not a good swimmer, but… I’m teachable right?

So, last week, I went to the pool and joined the 8 am Aqua-fit class. I was nervous, but thought it would be a good into the pool for me. I like classes, I like working out and I don’t have to actually swim! I don’t even have to get my head wet if I don’t want to.

I was lucky, on my first day,  I hooked up with two wonderful ladies who showed me the ropes. The instructor was great, the music rocked and we jumped around in the pool for an hour doing all types of Jazzercise moves in the water! Plus, everyone wears a floatation belt, so you don’t sink. It was fun. The people were great and I’ve continued to go.

I have a real weekly schedule now. Monday, Wednesday, Friday I go to Aqua-fit, and Sunday and Thursday Yoga. (I’m still on the fence with the Yoga.) I continue to walk a lot, and shhhhh… don’t say anything, but I’ve even been starting to move in a strange tai chi-ish way again.

The point of this post though came to me, because of something one of the women said to me after class today. She said, “that was a good workout, but I really have to do something about my fat arms.”

Excuse me!!!

This lady is in her mid 70s. She is strong, healthy, and fit. I turned to her and asked, “Does it ever end?” “Will we ever be happy with the bodies we have?” She shook her head and said, she looks like a Grandma. News flash — she is a Grandma!

Now, besides not being a great swimmer, another reason I am not a pool person is wearing a bathing suit in public is about as comfortable as poking my eyes out with hot pokers.

But, at some point… Fuck it! I am what I am and I want to participate.

At the aqua-fit class or the yoga class or at the grocery store, I am not the youngest, or oldest, or fattest, or skinniest. I’m also not the fittest or the laziest. I don’t have the most cellulite or the perkiest boobs, my arms and legs show muscles, my tummy is round and my boobs and ass are saggier than they were when I was younger. And, even if I was… for Fuck sake — it is time to just get over it.

I do not want to be complaining how my arms, ass or boobs look anymore. The truth is, I’m really grateful that all my body parts work — some of them work quite well.

I find it so sad when young girls, and women everywhere feel the need to disrespect or shame their own bodies. But, my heart about shattered, when I heard an old woman do it.

Seriously, enough already!

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