July 3rd, 2015 by Jan

I don’t do drama.

I don’t watch dramas on TV or at the movies, I prefer singing and dancing and sitting on the deck and laughing with Ken.

For the most part I have a perfect life. Yes, I’m bragging a bit, but we have worked hard to keep drama at bay… for the most part.

I also use my training and practice and the support of Ken and amazing friends, that when things start to build, I have people to defuse the situation or listen to me as I get all calm again.

Everyone has stress — it is how you deal with it that makes the difference, and I do my best to walk tall, stand well, and move through any big drama.

But… come on!
The last couple of weeks have been a challenge.

First, I got called to NM. My dad is dying, but not dead. My brother Art and I did our best to get all the help he needs and after 10 days, I came home, leaving dad in Arts capable hands.

While I was there, the bat-shit crazy neighbour lady, broke into dads house, caused huge problems, threw ice cream all over the living room and we had to call the cops. (Did I mention, she is bat-shit crazy!)

As soon as I got home, my dear friend Marian had to call 911 and went to hospital with huge stomach pains. Still in nurse mode, I jumped on two boats and ran over to be with her. It wasn’t long before I realized I had no energy to be of any help, and when she promised she was okay, I came back home, looking to just sleep.

BUT… last night, a forest fire broke out about 7 km from where we live and we are now evac ready. The fire is now about 8 hectares big and smoke and big dark clouds are in the sky. Sechelt made it through the night and today we keep looking for news as to the next right thing to do.

There are a thousand ways life could be harder, and yet, I sure could use a nap.

I’m glad to be with Ken. I am really grateful we have a van, so if we need to go somewhere else, at least we will have a bed, toilet, and stove to take us away from this particular drama.

Oh, for the days of pretty hikes, easy stress free living, and naps!

3 thoughts on “dramamama

  1. heather

    Oh Jan, I feel for you. I hate drama too and you certainly have had more than your share lately. Been trying to find news on your fire from here too. Hope it is out by the time you get this comment and the rest of the summer goes swimmingly. (Ok so I just really wanted to use the word swimmingly but the sentiment is true)


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