February 11th, 2018 by Jan

Olympic fever – I get it.
But when I looked up the spelling of fever what I found was the word I was really looking for…. Fervour.

While some people think there are good and harmful effects to a fever — what you hear most about fevers is to break them.

With fervour — only time will mellow the intensity of this mindset.  The Olympics give us three full weeks (I include the para-olympics in this time frame) to get over the enthusiasm.

I’ve always had a love/hate feeling with the Olympics.

As a child it was my dream to participate in them in some fashion. I wanted to be a down hill ski racer, first and foremost. While I knew that dream would never come to fruition, I at times turned my dream to becoming a cameraman for the sport. I just wanted to be there.

What I became was a fan.

I will never forget Spider Sabich flying down the ski hill in the late 60s. He was a madman and I was thrilled every time he took air.

I will cheer and scream when I watch the competition. I also hide under a blanket when someone crashes or gets hurt. I don’t care who has the thrill of victory and I feel sympathy for those who experience the agony of defeat. I root for all of them.

Some sports like the 50k men’s cross country ski event is just as exciting as the snow boarder who completes his event in under one minute. On any given day, anyone can win.

I love watching these athletes and I marvel at the skill, courage, and dedication they exhibit.

What I hate is the commentary. The announcers and their inane blather.

I’ve decided to write down some of the more ridiculous comments this go around. I’ll post them in batches and one at a time, because after just one day of sports so far… the things commentators say…. Well, it’s enough to drive one to drink.

For example — after the Canadian sweethearts Tessa and Scot finished the team ice dancing event, the guy with the microphone asked Scot about the technicality of the routine and then he asked Tessa about her “new dress.” AGGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!

Then there was  the guy who stuck a microphone in the face of Charlotte Kalla after she won a gold medal in cross country skiing, and asked her when “she knew” she had won the gold…. She humbly answered… “uhm, when I crossed the finish line.”


Okay, I know the Olympics are money dependant and announcers are there for our benefit to help us understand who did what and when. Also, they do not have a script and the same stupid questions get asked of each athlete. “How does it feel to be in the Olympics?” Or worse…. “You must be so disappointed with that performance.” (Is that really a question?)

If I could be an announcers just once – It wouldn’t matter what sport they let me announce, or who they let me interview — gold medal winner or 23rd place finisher…. I can tell you absolutely that it would sound like this if you listened in to me as a commentator, with a microphone at the Olympics.

“Holy crap! Wow! Wowza! Amazing! Unbelievable! Incredible! Well done! That must be fun? You must be so proud? Good on you! Thanks for the thrill. Is there anything you’d like to say?”

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