April 26th, 2015 by Jan

We get two newspapers on the Coast. Both are free and filled with ads of all the stuff you never needed until it went on sale, and then it is a must have!

I worked for newspapers for years. It used to be I never passed up a paper. I rarely read them, but I would criticize the print job or layout. Then moving to Bowen Island where the only paper was the Undercurrent and it maybe had 8 pages of not much, Ken and I used newspapers as fire starters instead of a news source.

Moving to Sechelt, we still use the paper for fire starter, but now we read it first to get an idea of what is happening here. I like the police blotter, letters to the editor and of course the front page story.

Yesterdays front page news just about made me spit my coffee out as I read it.

The CEO of BC Ferry’s says, it isn’t the high cost of the ferry that is deterring people from using the service. It is the people who complain about the cost of the service that is hindering tourism, lowering real estate prices here, and wreaking havoc on ferry dependant communities!

If we could all just hush up about the price of the ferry and what the CEO gets paid each year, including bonuses, more people would use the service!

This story reminds me about visiting Master Liangs school in East Vancouver. It was not in a “good” part of town. Actually, it was in one of the worst parts of town and it wasn’t really all that safe getting to and leaving class.

I remember Sam, told Master Liang, one of the reason’s the class didn’t have many women in it, was just this fact; the location of the school was dicey.

Master Liang, in his wisdom – told Sam to not tell anyone, that it was a bad part of town. If they didn’t know, they would come.

I guess nothing is as it is. It is only as people tell you it is.

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