March 6th, 2013 by Jan

I used to boast how I’ve never played a computer game.

Then Allyson gave an ipad.

That’s right, she gave me an ipad! It was for Today’s Step work. Really it was. And to be fair, I have used it for just that purpose many times. The Today’s Step PDF presentation that we show to treatment centres is on it. It works slick as can be. I also use the ipad to download other apps that are used in the recovery field. This way we can see what the “competition” has to offer.

When the ipad first came out I heard it was for consuming — not so much for production. Today I understand that even when I tell myself it’s for work.

It all started in the ferry line up one rainy and cloudy day. As I waited for the boat to come in, I downloaded Card Shark. It has 12 different games of solitaire and was free. Yup – harmless enough. I play two games, Spider and FreeCell. Then before I knew it hours slipped by and not just when I waited for the boat.

Then, as if Facebook and the Bowen Forum wasn’t time suck enough, I found Words with Friends. My life is over. I am obsessed.

I tell myself it’s good for my brain. That working with words is good for me, that is makes me smarter, and will keep me from getting Alzheimer’s.

At first I was shy and only played with Allyson. She understood I was new at this and wouldn’t mind if I played 6 point words like cat or 3 pointers like tin. I’m not in it to win, just want to work my brain a bit.

But… Allyson is busy. She has two kids, a wife, dog and cat, and work. Sometimes she didn’t take her turn for hours, and being the patient person that I am, I hit the new game button and asked to play with a random partner. Oh boy — there’s no going back now.

Today, I have seven games going with three different players. My obsessive nature took over and I’m hooked.

Right now I have the letters QUPIANO in one game! These are good letters! A lot of point potential right? Alas I have no play with them and will probably put down the word ONE on the board and be resigned to collect my usual three to six points again.

I haven’t won a game yet — and I really don’t mind. Allyson is generous and the random players don’t know me, and they are the ones who ask for a rematch.

Oh, gotta go. Kirk232 just played and I can put down the word BAKER for 18!

P.S. If you play Words with Friends, watch out for someone who calls themselves “crusto” — they have a way with words and is kicking my butt. (or as we say in Canada — bum.)

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