June 15th, 2014 by Jan

Today, I share a dear diary from camping at Birkenhead Lake.

It’s a beautiful day and I wake early. I admit to my stomach growling a bit. It didn’t hurt me none, but I could have eaten more food yesterday than I did.

I made coffee, and was ever so grateful for the cream I thought ahead to put in the fridge. I guess when it’s important eh?

My plan for the next couple of days is to read, write and do no math! I finished one book already and started another.

We took a hike after a small bowl of cereal. The park ranger, the guy with the hat, told us about a hike with a good view that is fairly steep, but he said, once we got up there, we could look across the valley and maybe see some goats.

Steep was not the word I’d use. Check out the photo. Yes, that is the trail! See it? Up is a better description for the hike. Up and rocky. A forced march if ever I had one. I gave up before the top. Steep is the word to use for coming down. I’m glad we went though. My legs like the feeling of use. Plus there was the coolest bridge at the beginning of the trail.

A huge tree had fallen across the river, then somebody quite brave, nailed boards onto the tree and made a walkway. A helpful rope was added for extra courage, as water rushing under the tree-bridge can give some people a spooky feeling when they walk across stuff like this.

But, not me!
No longer anyway. I’m not sure when I changed, but I did. Fear just doesn’t make sence for stuff like that now. I mean it isn’t lava after all!

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